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More clues that Rage is coming to Android

Recently we reported on id Software’s newest game, Rage, being previewed at QuakeCon running on an iPhone and that it would possibly be showing up for Android as well. Rage is their newest FPS title which has already received huge praise from the gaming industry including 3 awards being won at E3: Best Console Game, Best Action Game and Special Commendation for Graphics.

The iPhone version was able to run at 60FPS which is extremely good considering the graphic quality however during actual gameplay you should realize about 30-40FPS depending on your phone when monsters and all that good stuff is actually loaded as well. An Android version would run slightly better considering the recent improvements to the Android OS in the 2.2 version.

The newest hint though comes in the form of a job posting made by id Software over at Gamasutra which states they are looking for an Android programmer. There would be no real reason to be looking for an Android programmer aside from an Android port of Rage (and possibly their other titles since quake/duke nukem, wolfenstein ports were taken off the market last year).

This definitely adds a bit more validity to the rumors of an Android port of Rage being under development and why not, Android is a perfect platform for a game of this caliber. If you are interested in trying out for the job, head over to Gamasutra and get all the info you need to apply. Please note though that this job posting could be regarding their other mobile games (yes they have a couple) and porting them to Android.

For more information about Rage and QuakeCon feel free to check out our original article about it along with a video showing a demo of Rage on the iPhone.

Website Referenced: 1UP

Developer Websites: id Software | id Mobile


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