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Glasses-Free 3D Gaming on Android soon!

The GTC (GPU Technology Conference) also ended this week and if you could take one thing away from it then it would have to be this little bit of information. 3D glasses-free gaming on Android is possible and will hopefully be coming in the near future. While we weren’t able to attend GTC 2010 the crew over at Android and Me was and came back to report on this great news.

To sum everything up as your brain tries to grasp the sheer awesomeness of this, Motorola has been rumored since early this year to be developing a 3D phone and while it turned out to be nothing, there is actually a working device now that is actually glasses-free 3D. This is great in many aspects for applications as well as gaming.

According to Android and Me a videogame UI development company called Scaleform along with a prototype device made by MasterImage 3D was shown over at GTC 2010. It was being powered by a yet, unnamed nVidia Tegra chip as well and the prototype device was running the Android OS. nVidia Tegra 2 chips (or whatever the case may be with this particular Tegra chip’s name) have been rumored to be coming in many upcoming Android devices and we already know that there are Android tablets running Tegra 2 chips in them so the possibility of us seeing a device that is glasses-free 3D in the near future is very strong especially if you consider the idea of the PSPgo Android phone more then just a rumor.

Let’s step back though and throw a little gas onto the idea fire shall we. While this would be great on a phone how about an Android tablet that features 3D gaming without the bulky glasses? While we are at it, imagine the PSPgo Android phone with this ability! Not that it will if it’s to be released later this year.

This is why Android will not only dominate mobile gaming soon but the mobile industry in general, innovations such as this and every evolving hardware only make the future of Android that much better. So what does everyone think about the possibility of glasses-free 3D gaming for Android? Would you rather it be on an Android tablet? What game would you like to see 3D on Android?

Now to clean the drool off my face…

Website Reference: Android and Me

Event Website: GTC 2010

Video by Netbooknews

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