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iControlPad to support Android in the future

Android gamers have a few options when it comes to controller peripherals which include the Game Gripper, Wiimote support app so you can use your Wiimote with your phone to play games and eventually Zeemote will support Android in the future (it got delayed for some reason so it doesn’t support Android right now). Soon we will also have the iControlPad.

So what is the iControlPad? It is a peripheral you attach to your phone that has a typical D-Pad game controller setup like you see with most console systems. It attaches to your phone and essentially turns it into a Gameboy looking device. While it is rather on the large side when regarding the size of this neat add-on it does give you a lot more room to hold onto your device while playing games which is always good.

Originally for the iPhone (and still only supports the iPhone) it was suppose to connect via the Dock port but for some reason or some strange patent Apple has you can connect to this port with any sort of peripheral without permission which we all know Apple won’t give. To fix this issue the developers have decided to use Bluetooth to connect to the device. Android is much more open so I would imagine the original plan to connect through a physical connector/port will be how this will work with Android phone. Could be Bluetooth though, that’s still up in the air.

While still only for the iPhone currently the developer has promised that the iControlPad will support Android devices in the near future. You can bet we will get our grubby little hands on one as soon as we can to review it.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Developer Website: iControlPad Forums at OpenPandora

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