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Dungeon Defenders, Unreal Engine and drooling on yourself

Alright well maybe not drooling on yourself but there are plenty of reasons why Android gamers should be excited about Dungeon Defenders, Unreal Engine support for Android and the future. Dungeon Defenders, developed by Trendy Entertainment, is based off the Unreal Engine which we all know is coming to both iOS and Android.

Dungeon Defenders is a mixture of tower defense and running around slashing enemies to defend specific points. The game itself while cute looking in some ways is actually incredibly deep in other avenues. There are a ton of items which will actually level up as well as your character will, various classes of items/weapons (think regular to epic/legendary for all you W.O.W players) which will boost your stats and skills. In fact you will be able to name some of your top level items to give it your own unique twist. I have not confirmed whether in-game trading will make its way to the Android version although the feature is slated for the PC/Console versions.


While you are running around defending critical areas during combat, your tower which you build will server as your defense line as well. It won’t be your typical selection of towers either that you tend to find in most tower defense games. Some will fire in a 360 degree area but be slightly weaker while others only shoot in a narrow area. Other towers may only shoot fire, rocks or arrows so you will definitely need to think about what you want to use.

Think that’s enough already? Well there is more! While you are running around killing enemies with your character, leveling up, collecting loot and all that good stuff, you will be building your defenses as well. It is a fast paced game that even while fighting bosses you will have to contend with swarms of monsters. Not all bosses are created equal as well and take some special strategies to defeat whether you are playing alone or with a few other people to form a team of 4 (Multiplayer confirmed for iOS, Android should be as well).

Graphically, Dungeon Defenders will be sweet eye candy. From a mixture of pastel/drawing graphics, 3D graphics and crazy special effects there will be plenty to look at and enjoy while trying to keep yourself alive. Which brings me to the subject of Unreal Engine for Android…

Trendy Entertainment confirmed that the Android version (referring to the video posted) is developed by the Unreal Engine 3 on Twitter. They also confirmed to Kotaku that it is coming to Android platform.

So what can we expect for a price on this game? The first $30-$40 dollar Android game? Not likely. In fact Dungeon Defenders for the PC is a download-able game for roughly $10. For the mobile version we should probably see around the same pricing and at that price it is a steal. It’ll be a very fun, entertaining and enjoyable game to play whether you are a hardcore gamer or not.

The downfall to all of this? You’ll need a pretty solid Android device to play it which means either a high-end device or a new device sporting a Tegra 2 chip in it. Either way though, if Android keeps getting games like this then it is all win for us mobile gamers. Yeah… you can get excited now.

Developer Website: Trendy Entertainment

Official Game Site: Dungeon Defenders


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