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It is official, Rage by id Software is coming to Android

It’s been awhile since we posted about Rage and the possibility of it coming to Android. While it was almost a given back in our original post that it was on its way, official confirmation seems to have come in the way of Twitter from John Carmack who states in his tweet that he is going to be porting Rage Mobile to the Android platform.

John Carmack is the Founder and Technical Director of id Software who brought games such as DOOM, Wolfenstien and Quake. A tweet such as this coming from him is pretty much an official statement without it being a Press Release. Back when it was rumored that Rage would be coming to Android, id Software had a job opening for an Android Developer as well.

Given the graphical quality of this game it will probably only run on newer Android devices, possibly ones only with Tegra 2 chips in them from nVidia but nothing is for certain right now. All I know is Rage coming to Android is about as awesome as Unreal Engine support for Android. You can also check out our original post about Rage coming to Android here.

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