Day: November 18, 2010

Hardware News

Verizon Galaxy Tablet unboxing, first impressions and gaming preview

Samsung Galaxy Tablet, the first real Android tablet? While a lot of other companies have released tablets using Android, the Galaxy Tablet has so far been considered the real first tablet. Available on multiple carriers, this 7″ tablet is available with or without contract. Verizon just dropped one off on our doorstep so we did what any good site would do, recorded myself unboxing it!

Hardware News

Dual-core Snapdragons to include Adreno 300 GPU – graphically capable as PS3


Qualcomm has seen tremendous success with their implementation of the high-end ARM Cortex architecture – Snapdragon. Earlier in the year many Android phones have launched with their first generation Snapdragon chips and today they’ve announced a major leap forward, bringing greater efficiency and nearly 5 times the performance to mobile gaming and tablet devices.