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Hands-on with the Sharp Galapagos 3D glasses-free phones at CES 2011

Sharp brought over their 3D glasses-free Android phones to CES 2011 and of course we had to test them out, especially with the promise of some major companies like Capcom releasing games in 3D for the device. There are literally the same ones that were recently released in Japan and sport the same specs including language files.

Unfortunately, the games that were installed on the device wouldn’t work. Whether that was because they are over here and can’t connect to the carrier they are on or some other reason, we don’t know. Everything was in Japanese. However the 3D effect is actually pretty neat but doesn’t really sport the same quality that you would get with glasses… yet.

When wearing 3D glasses and looking at a 3D enabled TV, images on the screen break past the edge of the device. This isn’t the case with these phones which have a sort of holographic/3D look to them. There is some pretty good depth-of-field as well, especially in the fish tank demo. Of course all of this fails to show up on the video we took since it won’t transfer.

The Galapagos 3D glasses-free phones were running Android 2.2 and have a neat option for you to toggle the 3D effect back to the normal 2D visuals of your standard Android phone at any time. These are the fastest phones but they were pretty quick still. Check out our hands-on of the Sharp Galapagos 3D glasses-free phones in our video.

These will be available in the US soon.

Developer Website: Sharp

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