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HeyZap for Android released. Brings the joys of check-ins and badges to gaming.

It is time to bring the joins of check-ins and badges to earn to Android games just like it is when you check-in with Foursquare or any other number of services that are similar. This time around though, thanks to HeyZap, you don’t actually have to go anywhere to check-in and earn badges, you just need to play Android games.

Working in a similar fashion as check-in services like Foursqaure, as you play games you can ‘check-in’ as having played that game. You’ll also be able to share what games you’ve played with your friends and even earn badges just like all the other check-in services out there. Interestingly enough, you’ll also be able to get tips on games should you get stuck from other players or you can post some yourself.


Developers can add HeyZap to their games to help get them discovered by more players through all the networks HeyZap has partnered with which is said to drive a substantial amount of traffic to your game. All you’ll need to do is sign up as a developer and integrate HeyZap into your game which looks fairly straightforward and painless. There are also APIs to use for adding extra features as well.

You can check out all the details and documentation over at the HeyZap website and there seems to be plenty of it for you to look over if you are considering adding HeyZap to your game. If you have already added HeyZap to your game(s), drop us a note in the comments or via the Tip Us! form and let us know how well it has worked for you. We are interested in seeing what sort of improvements you get regarding downloads/traffic to your game(s).

Official press release below for your reading pleasure.

Developer Website: HeyZap


Heyzap Launches Check-in for Mobile Games


Summary: Alpha testing of Heyzap app has already hit a quarter million check-ins on 3000 different Android games, iPhone coming soon.

Heyzap has today launched a social discovery app for mobile games, taking the 1.6 million users from its social gaming platform over to mobile. The app allows users to check-into games and find out which games their friends are playing. Users can check-in to any Android game and the Heyzap SDK is already deeply integrated with 20 top Android games. Heyzap has already had over a quarter million check-ins on a variety of 3000 different Android games in one month.

Heyzap believes that the app solves three major gaming problems: game discovery for users, the lack of viral channels on mobile and the absence of existing communities for mobile game players.

Social Discoverability of Games

Social app discovery on mobile is in infant stages right now and nonexistent for gaming. Users of the Heyzap app can bring their friends into the app and watch the check-ins occur in a news-feed format, allowing them to discover and play new free and paid games.

Community Around Games

The Heyzap app also has a tab for users to share tips and comments in games, which has the larger effect of creating community around individual games. Users can win badges by exploring games and performing social actions in the Heyzap app. The app is deeply integrated into Android, hooks into every game and allows the users to share their check-in status on Facebook and Twitter.

Developer SDK

Heyzap has also released a developer SDK which has been integrated into 20 of the biggest games on Android including: Bubble Buster (top 5 game), X Construction(currently a best selling app), Wheelz, Slot Machine and Plumber.

The SDK allows users to check-in to and broadcast to Facebook, Twitter and the Heyzap graph via a simple button, directly increasing the virality of the game. Game retention is also increased by using the SDK; users can easily find the games they last played on the Heyzap app. Integration for the developer is non-intrusive and takes around 5minutes. Additional SDK features include end of level check-in and achievement check-ins. The SDK can be downloaded here:

Android: a growing platform

Android has seen phenomenal growth recently and has been extended to many new platforms including the Sony Xperia. Heyzap has leveraged the instant release cycle on Android to iterate quickly with weekly release cycles. Heyzap also hooks into Android specific features, such as the ability to install or launch a game from directly within the Heyzap app.

Future moves

Heyzap aims to tie together its web and mobile platform allowing users from both sides to form community and discover game. It is currently working on an iPhone version of the Android app.

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