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Pocket Legends gets an update. Hints at in-game E3 event!

Spacetime Studios just pushed out another update for Pocket Legends and while it was mostly geared towards a couple of improvements in-game, there was one note in the changelog that is catching everyone’s attention. This note was about E3 event preparations.

We details are scare, it seems as though the crew over at Spacetime Studios is preparing to have some fun in-game during E3! Unfortunately we can garner a whole lot of information from the chanelog not which simply states “E3 event preparations”, but it looks like they have something up their sleeve. It could be giveaways or it could be something else. Until more information is released, we will just have to be patient.

Actually no we won’t be. We will be bugging our friends over at Spacetime Studios to give us the details and when they do, we will let you all know. They already have plenty planned with Pocket Legends, Star Legends and E3 along with the Xperia Play. Stay Tuned! Until then, here is a video of some of the Pocket Legends swag Spacetime Studios will be giving away at E3. This video showcases pins! We will try to snag a few to give away to you guys.

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios

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