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Blizzard officially announces a new expansion for Hearthstone called The Grand Tournament which will arrive next month

Moments ago Blizzard started their afternoon live event which was being held for some major announcement regarding their TCG title Hearthstone. While there have been plenty of guesses as to what this announcement was going to be, and plenty of teasing from Blizzard, we now know exactly what the announcement is. As it turns out, there is a new expansion coming to the game.


Angry Birds joins Sonic Dash in celebration event for breaking 100 million downloads

A couple of days ago we reported on Sonic Dash and the fact that the game has broken the 100 million downloads mark, which is the total amount of downloads across all platforms. At that time there was mention of a special event that would be taking place to celebrate this feat, and that there would be special guests showing up. However those special guest were not announced and wouldn’t be until today. So who are they? Well it is the Angry Birds.


Watch the Sony Playstation event here live via TwitchTV

Sony is holding their event and with it comes the likely announcement of their next console, the Playstation 4. We also know that there are rumors that the Playstation 4 could offer up various features that will be remotely controlled through your smartphone and tablet which isn’t really much of a surprise considering their recent push of Playstation Mobile. So we’ve decided to put Sony’s live event here for those of you who want to watch and discuss it as it happens.