[Updated] Google will be live streaming their Nexus event today which begins at 9am PST

In pretty much 20 minutes from now Google will be going live with their Nexus event and, of course, they will also be live streaming the entire thing for anyone who can’t actually be there. So if you are looking for where to watch the Nexus event, you can do so here or pretty much every other tech website on the internet, or YouTube as well.

So what is on the table today for Google? Well as it stands, Google should be announcing two new Nexus smartphones, which will be the biggest part of the whole event. There also should be a new generation Chromecast device announced. It is also rumored that we should be hearing more about Android Marshmallow on top of everything else. As soon as Google puts up their live stream on YouTube, we will update this post with the video for everyone to watch live.

In the meantime, the image at the top is what Google looked like when it first launched. Crazy isn’t it?

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