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HyperDevBox working on ExZeus 2 for Android. Get giddy now.

All you Mech game lovers out there or fans of over-the-shoulder fast-paced arcade shooter have something to keep their eye out for in the near future. HyperDevBox is working on a sequel to their ridiculously awesome arcade shooter ExZeus called ExZeus 2.

We don’t know about anyone else but we are excited for a sequel to their first ExZeus game which was just a straight up awesome arcade shooter for Android. It was a bit ahead of it’s time when it first came out due to needing a high-end phone at the time to play it. Now though most new Android devices should be able to run the first one with no problems.

Unfortunately we have zero details about this new installment into the ExZeus series but you can bet we have reached out to our friends at HyperDevBox to see if we can get some more information. So how do we know they are even working on one when there isn’t even a screenshot? One of our readers tipped us off on a new upload to YouTube by HyperDevBox showcasing the boss fight music for ExZeus 2. If you haven’t played or seen the original ExZeus, check out our previous articles about it.

Thanks to Thomas Martin for the tip!

Developer Website: HyperDevBox

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