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NaturalMotion will be bringing real sports rivalries to Android with NFL Rivals

NaturalMotion, developers of the Backbreaker series of games for Android and iOS, has announced a new football game coming our way called NFL Rivals. With this new title they have secured a license from the NFL to use the actual teams in-game but that isn’t even the best part!

In what we can only deem as a brilliant move regarding leader boards and how they work, NaturalMotion has brought true NFL rivalry to the game with how the new leader boards will work. While you will be able to play as your favorite team in the game, scoring your touchdowns or dismantling your opponent while they try to score touchdowns, your score each game will be added to the leader board but not in the fashion you think.


Instead, each team will be on the leader board and the points you gain from playing will be added to the overall score for each team. So everyone who plays as the Oakland Raiders, as an example, will have their scores pooled together under the teams overall score. Now you can take that friendly rivalry you have with your friends over real football and bring it into the game as well.

To bring even more tie-in to the real football games, each real world game that is played will be supported with a new GameDay feature so you can play alongside your team’s schedule. Doing this actually net you, and your team, bonus points that also gets pooled into the teams total score. Of course all of this good stuff is wrapped up in their great 3D graphics and gameplay that you are familiar with from the Backbreaker series.

NFL Rivals is set to release onto both iOS and Android tomorrow, Sept. 8th and you’ll be able to grab it off the Android Market for $2.99.

Developer Website: NaturalMotion

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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