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Glu Games releases Tap Sports Football: First Impressions

Anyone that has an Android device and plays games, is probably familiar with Glu Games. They have created some good games throughout the years. Most of which are easily accessible and fun to play. Without a lot of marketing hoopla, Glu recently released Tap Sports Football into the Google Play Store. I thoroughly enjoying playing football games. Unfortunately, there aren’t nearly enough of them out for any mobile device. That being said, here are some quick impressions of Tap Sports Football. A free-to-play game that is good, but has the potential to be great.


Sega puts Sonic CD and Football Manager 2012 on sale for Halloween

It seems like there is a lot more going on this year in regards to Halloween than last year and so we have even more news to share. This time it is coming from the fine folks at Sega who have put up a couple of titles on sale to celebrate Halloween. While iOS users get the better end of the stick with this sale, we do get Sonic CD and Football Manager Handheld 2012 on sale for a limited time.


Gameloft’s NFL Pro 2013 will be arriving on Android soon

Just released onto iOS today, Gameloft’s NFL Pro 2013 football game will also be arriving on Android soon. The newest addition to Gameloft’s free-to-play football series features including improved graphics, new animations and a brand new first-person view for the passing game. Of course, considering the name of the game, there are also real NFL teams as well.