Day: 22 October 2012


The MOGA Review – Turning your phone into a full portable gaming unit

We’ve had the pleasure of using the MOGA mobile gaming system for the past four or so days, giving it a thorough fondling in just about every aspect we could think of. Needless to say the concept, since it first was reported on, was a very good one and caught the interest of many developers both big and small. So now that we have played with it for a few days and now that it’s officially available in stores as of today, here is our rather in-depth review of the MOGA unit.


Spacetime Studios celebrates Halloween across all their Legends titles

While Spacetime Studios annual Halloween goodies have arrived today, part of it actually was released last week in the form of a content expansion for Pocket Legends with the new questing area Blacksmoke Mountain and new level cap of 76. However, Star Legends and Dark Legends are not to be left out either and starting today there will be plenty of Halloween goodies to take part in and collect.


Editorial: Is the onslaught of Nexus brand devices tarnishing the brand overall?

Back in the day of the first Nexus device, the Nexus One, the device brought with it all the hardware we had wanted at that time and then some. It was what could truly be considered a flagship device as it was ahead of pretty much any other Android device available at the time it launched. Since then we have had a few more Nexus devices land in our laps, each one seemingly a little less stellar than its predecessor, although still very strong devices. Now we have had a rumor for awhile that there could be up to 5 Nexus devices heading our way soon, each from a different manufacturer.


Kemco’s entire catalog of games on sale for $0.99 for a limited time

Fancy yourself some good old JRPG? Well you’re in luck as mobile RPG developers Kemco Games is having a week long sale starting today through Sunday (10/22 -10/28). If you’re unfamiliar with the Japanese based devs, Kemco regularly churns out turn based RPGs and most of their tittles, like Eve of Genesis and Symphony of Eternity have met with some positive reactions from hardcore RPG fans.


Trendy Entertainment confirms Dungeon Defenders has been removed from Google Play

Last week we reported on the rather awesome defense game Dungeon Defenders from Trendy Entertainment had disappeared from the Google Play store. While we decided to take some guesses as to why it had gone poof, in the comments of that article some people were able to access Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave through a direct link instead of through a Google Play search. This led us to believe that perhaps the error was based on something going wrong with Google Play’s search.


2K Games releases a companion app for NBA 2K13 game

2K Games surpised us a couple of week ago when they decided to quietly release NBA 2K13 onto Android. Now they have gone a step further and have quietly released a companion application for NBA 2K13 called MyNBA2K. This companion app isn’t really for the Android version of the game but instead extends your NBA 2K13 experience on Xbox 360, PS3 and the Wii U. In fact it can connect back to the game regardless of what console you’re playing it on.