Crytek quietly released Fibble – Flick N’ Roll onto the Amazon AppStore

Back in September we reported on two games that would be coming from Crytek to Android. One was Skylanders Cloud Patrol which was released in conjunction with Activision. The second game was called Fibble – Flick n’ Roll which happens to have been published by Crytek themselves quietly onto the Amazon AppStore back in mid-September quietly.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage of Fibble – Flick n’ Roll, this game is a unique puzzle game that combines strategy, physics and action gameplay where the main character Fibble has crash landed in a house and need to find his crew mates in order to get back home. Of course since Crytek built this game, you can expect a silly amount of eye candy to enjoy while trying to get through the game.

Fibble – Flick n’ Roll Features:

– Groundbreaking graphics bring Fibble’s world to life
– Touch and tilt controls everyone can get to grips with
– Tap into the unique skills of six colorful characters
– Explore 65 levels full of physics-based puzzles
– Share your best scores online and top the scoreboards

Eye candy aside, the game is actually quite fun and, at times, very challenging. You’ll be going through various rooms inside a house looking for you comrades in order to escape back to your home planet once they are all found. Fibble – Flick n’ Roll is available for those of you with access to the Amazon AppStore for $0.99. No word on when, if ever, it will arrive on Google Play.

Amazon Market Link: Fibble – Flick n’ Roll

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