Kemco’s entire catalog of games on sale for $0.99 for a limited time

Fancy yourself some good old JRPG? Well you’re in luck as mobile RPG developers Kemco Games is having a week long sale starting today through Sunday (10/22 -10/28). If you’re unfamiliar with the Japanese based devs, Kemco regularly churns out turn based RPGs and most of their tittles, like Eve of Genesis and Symphony of Eternity have met with some positive reactions from hardcore RPG fans.

JRPG aside, Kemco’s catalog also consists of tap and click adventure games, board games, and a pet sim for the younger audiences. Here’s the full list of games on sale:

Symphony of Eternity: Google Play Link

Dark Gate: Google Play Link

Aphadia: Google Play Link

The Escape Game: Google Play Link

Aeon Avenger: Google Play Link

Four Player Mahjong: Google Play Link

Eve of Genesis HD: Google Play Link

Logistrate Vol.1: Google Play Link

Grinsia: Google Play Link

– Doku-Doku: Google Play Link

My Kitty: Google Play Link

The Escape Game:Ninja Sneak: Google Play Link

– The Escape Game 2: Google Play Link

So if you’re in town for some old school 90’s RPG, I suggest you take a look Kemco’s games on sale. The only title that isn’t on sale is their newest RPG called Knight of the Earthends.

Source: Google Play

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