DeadGrind lets you mow down hordes of zombies in good FPS style

It is nearing Halloween and as we get closer to that night of candy, cavity and pranks, we will also continue to see more and more zombie and monster games making their way to Google Play. There is a new one out called DeadGrind which was developed by BulletLike which lets you do what you do best, shooting multitudes of zombies in the face.

DeadGrind is a zombie survival FPS game where you’ve actually been injured already and happen to be stuck in a city infested with those drooling brain eating creatures the world has come to love… shooting in the face. Well guess what? Since you are not going anywhere anytime soon, your job is to take out as many of those zombies as you can before time run out.

DeadGrind Features:

– Zombies
– Guns/Shooting
– Blood Splats/Spurting
– Death/Dying
– Demons
– H-E-“Double Hockey Sticks”

Even though you are injured, you are still trying to make your way out of town, albeit very slowly. Unlike a lot of zombie games of this nature, the visuals in DeadGrind are more of the cel-shaded variety. So if you happen to not have enough zombie games already, you might want to check out DeadGrind. It will cost you a whole lot of free to download off of Google Play.

Google Play Link: DeadGrind

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