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FIFA 12 by EA coming in November, still planned as Xperia Play exclusive

We were at VDCC yesterday talking with some folks from Sony Ericsson and Qualcomm and during our talk with Sony Ericsson it was mentioned that FIFA 12 by EA will be coming much more sooner than we expected. In our last article about FIFA 12 we guesstimated that it would be released sometime in January on 2012.

We came to this guess of a release time by using the usual pattern of a month exclusivity on the Xperia Play, which most games do before they get released onto the Android Market, and worked backwards from when the actual date the exclusive period on the Xperia Play was going to end which is Feb. 12, 2012. However, it looks like FIFA 12 may end up being exclusive to the Xperia Play a lot longer then expected.

Why is that? Because according to the conversation we had with Sony Ericsson, FIFA 12 would be landing on the Xperia Play sometime in mid-November of this year. So for all you Xperia Play owners out there waiting to play FIFA 12, you actually won’t have to wait a whole lot longer.

Developer Website: EA

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