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Free-to-play RPG from Sega called Fallen Realms beta goes live tomorrow

Sega has teamed up with Papaya Mobile to bring their free-to-play RPG to Android called Fallen Realms. This is a more old school style RPG title that will feature a tapping control scheme instead of the usually virtual joystick so that you can just tap to go places instead of using the joystick.

Fallen Realms will take you on a journey to find seven lost artifacts that contain the power to either destroy everyone and every thing or save them. Obviously your goal is to find them to save everyone. The game play will be a tactical style RPG with turn-based combat, similar to the old RPG titles you probably played on some of the older consoles or PCs.


  • Features easy-to-use quest and battle system; no clumsy virtual analog stick. Just touch and play.
  • Classic turned-based battle controls let you wield weapons, magic, and mystic relics with ease
  • Fun for fantasy fans and old-school RPG gamers
  • Journey into the far reaches of the realm‘s dungeons, sanctuaries, caves, forests, and more
  • Befriend and fight mystical fantasy creatures. Grow your collection of defeated creatures in the town’s museum.
  • Earn, discover, or purchase a deep assortment of weapons, armor, and magic to customize your hero.  Earn magical Orbs for even more powerful items.
  • Join 32 million mobile game fans on the Papaya Social Game Network
  • Share your achievements and more with your friends.  See other adventurers character profiles from your Guild.
  • Invite your friend’s characters into your party



Fallen Realms will also feature a similar buddy system as found in games such as Gun Bros where you will be able to take a friend’s character along with you to help you out. When Fallen Realms launches tomorrow it will be as a limited beta with a maximum of 10,000 active players allowed to play the game. It will remain in this limited beta stage for about two weeks which, at that point, it will be released publicly for everyone to download and play.

While the game is a free-to-play RPG title, don’t be surprised if there is some sort of cash shop available in-game that will offer you completely optional but helpful boosts and items for real money. Generally most free-to-play games have cash shops. You can play the game just fine without buying anything but purchasing items from the cash shop usually gives you a bit of a boost, especially when leveling up.

Website Referenced: Playandroid

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