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Yakuza, Resident Evil and more coming to Android with GREE’s expansion

Some more big gaming news today coming down the pipeline. With GREE’s expansion, thanks to merging with OpenFeint after buying it, a slew of big name developers have already signed on to be part of the service including the likes of Sega, Capcom, Square Enix, and Namco-Bandi to name a few.

The merger, along with the new mobile platform, is set to launch in Q2 2012 if all goes according to plan. So what are some of the titles that will be heading our way when this happens? Well some of the first titles to land on Android (and iOS) will be mobile versions of Resident Evil VS, Monster Hunter, Yakuza (yes the major mafia game), Dynamic Hunting and Dance Dance Revolution. That’s not all though as there will be other very popular Japanese franchises making their way over as well.

There is one small catch though and that is a lot of these titles may still end up being Japan-only. Yakuza, however, hasn’t listed supported regions so there is hope for that one at least. Sega, Capcom and Square Enix are all making pushes into Android right now as well so expect more titles from them when this launches also. It’s going to be an exciting year next year already by the sounds of it.

Website Referenced: Andriasang via Shacknews

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