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Unofficial Steam app for Android for those of you who use Steam a lot

Developers going by the name of IBF Programs have developed and released an Unofficial Steam app for Android users to toy around with. While this app does a fair amount, it obviously doesn’t do everything an official client would do. Still, it’s pretty slick and most Steam fans should enjoy this application.

While you can not buy or play games through the app (although it will take you to the Steam Store), that would be something the official client would possibly do when it comes out and yes, there will be one. What this does do, however, is load up your profile, lets you check out game specials, games you’ve already purchased, show your friends and more.

Steam for Android Features:

•Summary tab.
•Friends tab.
•Groups tab.
•Games tab.
•Specials! tab.
•Favorites tab.
•Smooth user interface: swipe left/right or simply click on the desired tab. The tabs are linked circularly, meaning that there is no first or last tab
•Bandwidth friendly
•Battery friendly

There is one catch though for this app in order for it to work properly and that is your Steam profile must be public. This means that this app scrapes the site once you log in for your profile information and all the relevant sales, games purchased, favorites and all that good stuff. This is probably due to the limited API Valve has released to let users develop apps with. Even though this appears to just scrape the site for the information, the user interface and performance of Steam for Android is pretty impressive.

If you are a fan or happen to use Steam a lot, you might want to check this app out. If you have problems with the friends feature, you can always use Steam Friends along side this application. You can grab Steam for Android off the Android Market for free. Just remember, your profile must be public to use Steam for Android.

Developer Website: IBF Programs

Website Referenced: Lifehacker

Android Market Link: Steam for Android

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