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EA to bring The Sims Freeplay to Android this month

EA appears to be gearing up for another game release which will be coming to us sometime this month. The Sims Freeplay will be making its way to Android and it will be, as the name implies, a free game that will be support through in-game purchases.

In The Sims Freeplay you will be able to take control of up to 16 different Sims and doing everything you pretty much want to with those Sims whether it is working a mundane job, going out shopping and pretty much just about every other activity you can think of.

This will be just like most Sim games where it runs on a 24-hour cycle meaning you will have to check in on your Sim(s) throughout the day to ensure they haven’t starved to death or slipped in the bathroom. Even though the game will be using in-game purchases, EA has stated that everything can be unlocked in the game as well if you are up for putting the time into it.

No word on the exact date it is set to release on the Android Market.

Website Referenced: Android Central

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