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Want to crowdfund some Android games? Here’s a few to check out.

Crowdfunding has become rather popular recently and for developers can be quite successful. A prime example of this is the recent news regarding Double Take’s Kickstarter project which, as of right now, is sitting at around $1.6million dollars. So we decided to take a look at some of the bigger crowdfunding sites out there and see what is being offered up for funding regarding Android games.

We checked out three of the bigger crowdfunding sites although there are more than that you can check out. We took a look at Kickstarter, Appbackr, and IndieGoGo. Two of the sites are similar in that you get perks or rewards for funding while Appbackr lets you pull in monetary profit from your funding instead.

Sifting through all three sites netted us some great looking games that are trying to get funding for different reasons. It doesn’t always have to be about development. Some games are already finished and are looking for additional funding for marketing purposes. While we didn’t include every game we found, considering that would be a big list, we did find some gems that you might want to get in on in regards to funding them.

We won’t go into detail about each game since if you are interested in funding one or more of them we highly suggest taking a look over their official funding pages for all the details. So here is a list of games to check out, broken down into what site they are on and how much time is left.


Pixel Sand by Super Game Programmer 3: With 5 days to go to reach a goal of $9000 in funding, they currently have $5990 of it.
Island of Diamonds by  Happymonitor Games: 17 days left to go to reach their goal of $3500. Currently sitting at $750.
Hexaxis XXI by HonestJacket: 29 days to go to reach their $2500 goal. It’s a pretty new Kickstarter project so it is currently only at $57.00 right now.


Indye Game Project by Alex Studios Software: A new funding project with 30 days to go to reach their goal of $1500.
Ninja PvP by The Ninja PvP Team: Another new funding project with 59 days left to reach a goal of $10,000.
Paranoid 2 by Teemu Jappinen: Yet another new project with 61 days left to reach a goal of $35,000.

Ninja PvP Video


All games that were available have finished their funding cycles but more are added every week so you just might want to keep an eye on Appbackr once in awhile.

Each week we will take a look at these sites at more and highlight some of the gems we find on there that are looking for funding. For now though, check out those six games above as they are pretty promising. If you are a game developer and have a crowdfunding project going, let us know about it as well!

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