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Legendary Heroes will be getting multiplayer gameplay

One game we have been playing recently a lot is Legendary Heroes from Maya. If you have ever played League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth on PC then you already have an idea of pretty much how this game plays out.

Legendary Heroes is an Action / RTS game for Android where you control your hero (or heroes depending on which game mode you play in) and battle it out against the enemy in the hopes of destroying their tower before they destroy yours. Each hero has special abilities and also spawns a few minions to fight along side them. The same goes for your enemy as well though. It is an excellent game and if you are interested in the full details about it, just hit up our previous article about Legendary Heroes from when it was released recently.

The good news today is that Maya has announced it will be bringing multiplayer into the game in the near future. This is something we thought should be in the game as well which would really make this a runaway hit. Hopefully it is online multiplayer though and not local.

However, with multiplayer coming to the game, Maya will have to reconsider how they have their freemium business model worked out for the game. As it stands right now, a majority of the booster items and extra character in the game are only available if you use the in-game currency which you can buy for real money. Maya will also probably need to look at making more and bigger maps as well. Multiplayer should hopefully be cross-platform as well since the iOS version is getting it as well.

If you haven’t tried this game yet and you enjoy action RTS game then you really should. It is available for free off of the Android Market and off of our store.

Android Market Link: Legendary Heroes

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