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The Drone is a multipurpose Bluetooth gaming controller that needs funding

As much as I love gaming on my mobile devices, I’m always reminded about how restrictive some games can become due to a lack of physical buttons. Some games just don’t work well with virtual controls, and it leaves me with sweaty hands and a sense of dissatisfaction. Evolution Controllers has just the product for people that share my frustrations, but it needs funding to get its Drone controller into production.

The Drone is a Bluetooth controller that works with any device that supports Bluetooth. It’s specifically designed with games in mind, but it’s also an open source device for developers and hackers. In order for the Drone to become reality, its creators need to raise $60,000 through their Kickstarter campaign. They’ve managed to raise around $10,000 so far from over 100 backers, but there’s only 16 days left before fund raising is closed.

As you can see from the picture above, the Drone is mostly flat, but its backside is curved to make it more comfortable to hold. Evolution Controllers is also polling the community to find out if they’d prefer a controller with one or two analog sticks. In case you’re curious, the analog sticks are virtually identical to the one that’s found on the PSP.

The buttons can also be mapped out in whatever fashion you want after it’s connected to your device.

If the Drone sounds like something you’d want to own, feel free to make a pledge and spread the word.

Source: Kickstarter

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