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Minecraft: Pocket Edition update with crafting landing soon for Android

Well it looks like the highly anticipated Minecraft: Pocket Edition update could be heading our way very soon. This update will be the one that brings crafting to Minecraft: Pocket Edition, something which we have been babbling to you about for the past few weeks with little teaser photos.

Today saw the release of the Crafting update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition for iOS devices. With that said, it should be only a matter of a bit more testing, if any at all, before the Minecraft: Pocket Edition update rolls out for Android devices as well. We snagged a picture of the changelog, at least part of it, regarding the iOS update to better describe what will be coming to the Android update when Mojang pushes it out.

As you can see in the image above of the changelog, crafting isn’t the only thing coming our way with this update, along with the new blocks you can make through crafting like stairs, crafting tablets etc etc. We will also be getting cows and chickens to kill! There will also be damageable items as well as more specific items that can only be gathered using specific tools. If you play normal Minecraft then you know this means things like Obsidian being harvested bu Diamond Picks and things like that.

We don’t know exactly when the update will arrive, it could be tonight or tomorrow. We do know the update must be near ready since iOS devices received it today and Mojang has stated in the past that the updates should be as close together as possible when released for both platforms.

Image courtesy of Minecraft:PE Dude

Developer Website: Mojang

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