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E3 2012: nVidia announce five new games coming to Tegra-based Android devices

Hot on the heels of Square Enix’s announcement of Demons’ Score comes nVidia who has just officially announced five games that will be coming to Tegra-based Android devices soon. Among those five titles is Demons’ Score which we just talked about earlier this morning and Dead Trigger which was announce the other day.

Some of the other games we have had the luck to have tried out during GDC 2012 so when we talk about those games we will include our hands-on videos for them. There are some new games as well which we haven’t heard of just yet.

Puddle THD

Originally an Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network game, Puddle THD is now on its way to Tegra-based Android devices. This is a unique physics-based platform puzzler where you will be using tilt controls to move water through each stage. You need to get as much of the water as you can to the end of the stage while taking into account friction, temperature, gravity and other factors. Visually it has a pretty unique look to it as well. You can check out the official Puddle THD site for more details.

Bounty Arms

This particular games is a great side-scrolling action game developed by Open-Reset and Luma Arcade of Bladeslinger fame. Not only do you move left and right but at times you will also have to move ‘vertically’ and by that we mean forward (towards you) and back (away from you). There are plenty of awesome weapons to use as well (giant flyswatter) and the visuals are great. Bountry Arms will also come with co-op gameplay as well. You can check out our hands-on from GDC 2012 below.

Heroes Call

Heroes Call is a whole new game coming to Tegra-based Android devices just like Puddle THD. Heroes Call is an action-RPG title where you will be completing deep quests, using multiple characters and varied abilities, all of which are wrapped up in what looks like some pretty solid visuals as well.

Unfortunately, as of right now we have no exact release date on any of these games. We do know that Demons’ Score is coming this Summer and Dead Trigger is also gearing up for release sometime this month as well. Most, if not all of these will be released onto Tegra 3 devices first.

Source: nVidia

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