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E3 2012: Meet one of the most unique bluetooh gaming peripherals, the bluethooth Dice

When it comes to gaming peripherals available for mobile gaming there is no shortage of them available. Everything from the compact Zeemote to the new Nyko gamepades or even the entire gaming system set-up called MOGA. Now we can add bluetooth enabled dice to the list.

Yes you heard that right, a bluetooth enabled roll-able dice from some of that tabletop gaming feel. While we don’t know how many games are available right now for a peripheral of this nature, this certainly gives developers a new option when developing future games to incorporate this feature. One type of game that could benefit from something like this would be the adventure books from companies like Tin Man Games or some of the various board games available already.

Officially named the DICE+, the point of this unique peripheral is to be able to use it with your Android phone or tablet and event Smart TVs and laptops. Imagine having a true Dungeons & Dragons style tabletop type of game being converted into mobile format and using the DICE+ with it. So how does this work?

The DICE+ features an accelerometer, a magnetometer and a proximity meter so it can tell the device when it is being held and when it is being rolled. Based on what the roll’s outcome is, all the meters work together to report the results to your device and the game you are playing. Also, it can tell if you haven’t sufficiently rolled the dice properly by turning the numbers on the DICE+ red, indicating an improver roll to avoid cheating.

The DICE+ also comes with a built in battery that is rechargeable via USB. No word just yet one availability although August is a tentative release time or pricing is to be somewhere in the $30-$40 range. In regards to mobile gaming, E3 was just as much about actual mobile games as it was with peripherals for mobile gaming. If you are interested in developing a game to use the DICE+ or adding support to your existing game(s), there is an SDK available for you to download and use from the DICE+ Website. At first it will just be six-side dice available but there are plans to bring other more complex die soon.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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