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Razer finally makes their Turret Bluetooth gaming keyboard and mouse combo available for purchase

If you’ve been following our site for at least a year, then you might remember us talking about the Razer Turret back during CES 2015. Back during that show we sat down with Razer to try out the then new Razer ForgeTV along with a couple of different new Bluetooth peripherals, those being the Sevral Controller and the Turret lapboard and mouse combo. Well after over a year of additional development, the Turret is now finally available for purchase.


Here is what a custom arcade cabinet looks like when built for use with an Ouya console

DIY projects are always cool because you not only get to check out what other people do when feeling particularly creative at any given time, but generally also get to learn how it is done and possibly even do it yourself. Technically we don’t really get to learn how to make this custom arcade cabinet for 4-players that also happens to be powered by an Ouya game console from Burd Bros Custom Arcade. But with the right parts and a little planning, you could take on trying to build one of these yourself.


The MOGA mobile gaming system is now available at AT&T for $49.99

PowerA has sent out word that their MOGA mobile gaming system has finally begun arriving on the store shelves at 1,150 AT&T locations across the USA for the usual price of $49.99. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the MOGA controller, it allows for your phone to clip right into it, offering up all the standard buttons you could want in a full-size controller although slightly smaller in size and with the phone clasp. It can also double as a tablet gaming controller as well since it runs through Bluetooth.