Day: 23 February 2016


Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is also now available for Nvidia Shield devices using GeForce Now

A few days ago we reported on Square Enix and Nvidia basically teaming up to bring a few of Square Enix’s other games over to Shield devices. In that announcement four games were mentioned, although more titles were hinted, all of which were labeled as coming soon. Well one of those games, the critically-acclaimed action puzzle game Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, is now available for Shield devices via GeForce Now.


Indie Developer Spotlight: Eugeny Butakov Creator of Psebay

Welcome to the DroidGamers Indie Spotlight. As the amount of games being released in the Play Store increase exponentially, some really great games get overlooked. Sometimes, it is even more difficult, being an Independent Game developer to get your game noticed. As a new column, DroidGamers will be highlighting Indie Game Developers that show great promise in game design. What indie means can vary, but we will try to focus on smaller studios and excellent game content. First up is Eugeny Butakov, creator of the excellent motorcycle trials type game, Psebay.


Help the lone bee survive a zombie apocalypse, all while helping charity, in Zombees

Released by Bee the Swarm, Zombees is a new dual stick shooter for Android. Players will assume the role of the sole bee that’s attempting to surviving the insect equivalency of the zombie Apocalypse, brought about by insecticides. There are multiple protagonists to choose from, with a variety of stats that differ for each one. The game includes different weapons that are dropped when Zombees are killed, as well as health and speed boosts. The game includes 25 levels (with the possibility of more to come).