Day: 12 January 2016


The HTC Vive may have a price tag now, and it may make you very sad

Yesterday we mentioned that the pre-order date for HTC’s Virtual Reality headset called the Vive was revealed in an interview, with the date being February 29th. This puts shipping of the headset probably in April, which is what HTC said it was aiming for. We got to spend plenty of time with both the THC Vive and the Oculus Rift last week at CES 2016, and we have plenty of impressions to go over regarding both in another article this week. However, if today’s news is correct, the HTC Vive may have just received a big red mark against it.


tinyBuild begins teasing four new games in their first official “Four-nification Week”

The developers behind the rather enjoyable game Divide by Sheep, Fearless Fantasy, as well as other titles on mobile, are hosting what they are calling “Four-nification Week”. This is where tinyBuild will be revealing four new games, one each day between January 12th and January 15th. However, besides a small animated picture, the developers haven’t revealed any details about any of the four upcoming games until today where they have revealed the first one.


Race away on the lam in Nitro Dash from IKCStudios, now available on Android

Released by IKCstudio, Nitro Dash is a racing game that has just arrived on Android. As an endless runner, players will look to see how long they can keep the action going, as they hijack one vehicle after another, and rush recklessly down the street. Fuel and coins can be collected along the way, with the former being needed to keep the vehicle going. Running out of fuel will cause the vehicle to explode.


Game Review: Burn Rubber in League of Monkeys’ Torque Burnout

League of Monkeys is a game development company based in Melbourne, Australia. They recently released a racing game meant for those that enjoy cars with souped up engines, and racing challenges, that can only be completed with great driving skill. Torque Burnout is for those that love to hear engines roar, and like the smell of burnt rubber. If that is your cup of tea, Torque Burnout is available to download in the Play Store.


Game Review: Super Mega Quest’s Ancestor is full of fun and gorgeous pixels

It is hard to escape games these days that choose to forgo great detail in the visuals department, for a more retro look. The games are everywhere in the Play Store. are everywhere. Sometimes you come across one that is great to play, and at the same time, the pixels look amazing. I am not exactly sure what lures me into the pixels that have been created by the Super Mega Quest team, but I like what they have done!


Protect the oceans from invading Spunges in Spunge Invaders, now out on Google Play

Released by Spunge Games Pty Ltd, Spunge Invaders is an arcade shooter where an invasion from space must be stopped. In an interesting twist, this isn’t alien ships being fended off from space with a star fighter, but instead is set on the surface of the ocean, and players are tasked with defending the world’s water supply from alien “spunges” that would seek to absorb all of the world’s water supply for themselves, before returning home.