The MOGA mobile gaming system is now available at AT&T for $49.99

PowerA has sent out word that their MOGA mobile gaming system has finally begun arriving on the store shelves at 1,150 AT&T locations across the USA for the usual price of $49.99. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the MOGA controller, it allows for your phone to clip right into it, offering up all the standard buttons you could want in a full-size controller although slightly smaller in size and with the phone clasp. It can also double as a tablet gaming controller as well since it runs through Bluetooth.

Hardware-wise, the MOGA controller performs great and is a good deal at $49.99. The MOGA controller also requires you to use PowerA’s free Android application called the MOGA Pivot app which acts like a storefront for MOGA supported games. However, a lot of people have a beef with the app since it fails to recognize games a lot of the time that you already own. This means you’d have to repurchase a game you want to play using the Pivot application in order to be able to play it with the MOGA controller.

There is an app you can get called the MOGA Universal Driver which have talked about that pretty much cures this issue and makes the controller act as it should without being ‘locked’ into the Pivot app. It also allows for button mapping so you can play emulators too. The controller is supported by a lot of major game studios and titles so there isn’t really a shortage of games to use on it, especially with the Universal Driver.

So if you are have an AT&T store near you that is closer than a BestBuy or Walmart, you can now pick up the MOGA controller form there now if they stock it.

Developer Website: PowerA

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