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Big Fish Games launches their own cloud gaming service called Big Fish Unlimited

Right now Casual Connect is going on in Seattle, WA and that is where Big Fish Games has decided to launch their new cloud gaming service for TVs, mobile devices and PCs called Big Fish Unlimited. Big Fish Games have been around for awhile now, being one of the major website for people to go to and play casual games.

Now, a whole lot of those games will soon be accessible on more platforms including mobile devices. One neat feature about this service is that no matter how big the game is, even if it is several hundred magebytes in size if you were to install it on a PC, it will start up in four seconds through their cloud gaming service, allowing you to just jump right in and play the games you want.

Accounts will be synced across all platforms as well so if you log in for awhile on your PC, your can log out and then log in on your tablet using the same account information. Big Fish Games is looking to bring 1,000 of their best casual games to their new cloud gaming service over time.

When Big Fish Unlimited launches, it will arrive with 100 titles to start off, with more being added on a regular basis. There is a $7.99 monthly premium membership which gets you fullscreen gaming, bigger game selection and no ads. There will be 20 games available for free that will also be rotated over time with new titles being added. No word on exactly when it will be fully rolling out for the public to sign up for.

Website Referenced: VentureBeat

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