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Sega reveals that the Dreamcast classic Crazy Taxi is heading to Android

One game which we are sure many people play on their favorite Dreamcast emulator for their Android device is Crazy Taxi, the racing game where you haul ass around each city, collecting fare and making money for a job well done, or at least a job done fast. Well Sega has revealed that this classic Dreamcast title will be making it’s way to Android soon.

Just like the console classic, in this mobile version of the game you’ll be driving around a city picking up fare and delivering them to their destination as quickly as possible. This is because you have a time limit for each fare. One thing you classic game enthusiasts will be happy about is that this version of the game will feature the full original soundtrack, filled with all the punk rock music you an handle, mostly from the Offspring. There will also be 16 mini-games to play and four cab drivers to choose from.

The mobile version has just hit the iOS app store I believe so it shouldn’t be long before Android gamers get their hands on it. Still, even with that, Sega is only saying that Crazy Taxi will arrive on Android ‘soon’. Once we get more of a solid release date, we will update everyone.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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