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Rockstar officially announces Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for Android

We had a feeling more of the Grand Theft Auto series would be coming to mobile and it seems that Rockstar has gone ahead and confirmed this today as they have officially announced that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will be arriving to iOS and Android later this Fall. This release, similar to Grand Theft Auto III‘s release, is to celebrate Vice City’s 10th anniversary since it was released back on October 29th, 2002.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for mobile will be just as it was when it was originally released onto consoles back in the day, offering up a bigger open world to play through set in Miami. This will be the full Playstation 2 game but just as Grand Theft Auto III had, Rockstar Games will be developing controls designed specifically for mobile devices and new high resolution graphics to give the game a new look and feel. Unfortunately Rockstar Games haven’t released any screenshots just yet but are planning to over the next few days.

As of right now Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is slated for release onto Android and iOS later this Fall. Considering the official 10th anniversary of the original game is coming up in a few days, we could see it as soon as October 29th, 2012. However, keep in mind that it could be later than that. No word on pricing yet but we are guessing it’ll be around the same price as Grand Theft Auto III.

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