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Shadowgun: Deadzone will be officially out of beta on November 15th for everyone to enjoy

Madfinger Games’ multiplayer version of their popular third-person shooter game called Shadowgun will be dropping its beta tags and becoming an officially release in a week’s time. Announced over Twitter by the fine folks at Madfinger Games, Shadowgun: Deadzone has gotten an new trailer to celebrate the official release date for when the beta tags will be dropping.

Since the beta went live, first as a location-specific closed beta before opening up to the public slowly over different devices, updates to Shadowgun: Deadzone have been coming swiftly improving just about every aspect of the game since the initial beta release about a month ago. This type of speedy development has been accomplished because of all the players in the beta participating in submitting bugs and other relevant information to Madfinger Games so that they could efficiently work all the kinks out of the game. So really, the fact that the beta tags are dropping this quickly is mostly thanks to you, the players.

When the game officially releases onto Google Play minus the beta tags, there will be ten playable characters to choose from, a large variety of weapons to shoot other players with, secondary equipment to use like medkit and different types of grenades, and two game modes with up to 12 players total: Death Match and Zone Control. Other unique features coming with the game at release time is multiplayer voice chat, gamepad support, and sprint/roll maneuvers. As your character’s ranking increases, new elements will be unlocked and available during gameplay.

It will, of course, e available for everyone to download for free and will be supported by optional in-game purchases. These will not be pay-to-win type of purchase so the gameplay should remain fairly even.

Developer Website: Madfinger Games

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