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Mobage planning to hold Thanksgiving / Black Friday events across multiple titles

With Thanksgiving here in the USA coming closer and closer, Mobage has decided to hold a variety of events across multiple titles in celebration of the Turkey eating day. Also added into the mixed are some Black Friday specials as well for those of you looking to score a deal or two through in-game purchases for any of the titles you may be playing on the Mobage platform.

So what games are involved and what will be happening in them? Well luckily for you we have a nice list that ngmoco sent to us of everything that will be going on to share with you.

Blood Brothers: ­ This chart-topping game will feature a special Thanksgiving Festival to celebrate its six-month anniversary since its release. The elite cards such as Samael, Black Archangel, Enraged Flame Ogre and more from previous raid boss events are back for this event, along with a new exclusive Thanksgiving card. Don’t miss out!

Boney The Runner: ­ Who doesn’t love to eat turkey during Thanksgiving? I’ll tell you who: those pesky dogs! They prefer to spend all Thanksgiving chasing our poor scared friend, but you have to admit, they look cool with those turkey hats! Play Boney The Runner from now through Thanksgiving and get the exclusive hats available only for a limited time until November 23. Run around wearing a pilgrim hat or try to disguise yourself with a cute turkey, but be careful; don’t run around the dinner table or you might get a turkey stuck in your hea… there, what did I just tell you?! So, what are you waiting for? Get going and play Boney the Runner now!

Chains of Durandal: ­ Introducing a special campaign for the Thanksgiving holidays from November 22-26 where you can obtain special medals by collecting treasures. These medals can be used to draw cards from a pool that contains super-powerful Phoenix cards.

Hellfire: ­ Autumn is a time of gathering and harvest celebration, but not all guests are welcome ones.  Every year swarms of tiny but voracious sprites sweep across the land by the hundreds, consuming all foliage in preparation for the cold winter ahead. Help farmers defend their fields from the autumn tide to ensure that they can bring in their harvest safely. Test your skills, earn limited time rewards by hitting these quick creatures, and look out for special Black Friday deals to help you bolster your deck.

Mall World: ­ The holidays are coming up fast, and the mall is primed for Thanksgiving festivities. For a limited time during the week of Thanksgiving, fashionistas can decorate their store with a cornucopia of autumn-themed fixtures and furnishings. You better hurry though, because once Thanksgiving is over these very limited edition collectible pieces will no longer be available!

Monster Mall: ­There has been an influx of turkeys strutting around Monster Mall, so don’t be surprised if they walk by your stores for a quick peek. Although they’re fun and friendly by nature, they sure are creating a mess from Thanksgiving dinner. Remember to clean up after them to avoid having a litter filled mall. Don’t forget, every mall has a Black Friday sale and Monster Mall is no different. All Gold and Nugget packages are 70% off for Black Friday only!

My Monster Rancher: ­ With the changing of seasons, players can train their monsters to collect colorful autumn leaves and lottery tickets for a limited time. The bright orange, yellow and red leaves can be turned in for orbs, food items (including the new Cornucopia), and even a new Fall themed ranch background. The lottery tickets give access to an exciting new adventure area where you can win scrolls, food, and new monsters, including a new mythical species, The Abyss. Also, from Black Friday until Cyber Monday, select items will be on sale. Save up to 50% on Food, Scrolls, Orbs, and more!

Ninja Royale: ­ Ninja Royale celebrates Thanksgiving with the Gobble clan! Join the Arena event from November 21 to 30, and hit a few marks to get a shot of this wild turkey. Come on home to Mt. Zen and get your holiday season off to a fighting start.

Samurai Cats: ­ From Black Friday until Cyber Monday, select items in the Village and Shop will be on sale. Save up to 50% on Auto-Gain Gorin Globe power-ups, Enhancing Commanders, Village Plot Rentals, and more!

So there you have it, some deals and plenty of special events taking place over Thanksgiving that you can take part in while recovering from eating way too much food.

Developer Website: Mobage

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