Day: 3 December 2012


Turn-based multiplayer combat game called TurtleStrike coming to Android in 2013

A new turn-based multiplayer combat game, similar in style to games like Worms, will be making its way to Android in early 2013. Officially named TurtleStrike, this game has players create three different formations using a total of 10 turtles each.  From there players will then use their turns by doing one of the three actions each turtle can do: Move, Shoot a Missile or Shoot a Torpedo. You also have special moves like Shield and “Use Secret Special Weapon”.


Kill your monochrome enemies and unleash the color in Polygone

A really neat arcade game has arrived on Android from Thomas M Krall called Polygone which has players flying around a little spaceship with the goal of destroying the monochrome shapes that are floating around. To do this though, you will have to fly your ship into the one open spot that each shape has and fly into the color dot, which is basically its nucleus, in order to destroy the shape.


Lost Souls Review: A familiar trip through a beautiful landscape

Let’s be honest, OK? If you’ve played one of these casual, hidden-item, Big Fish-style games you’ve really played them all. Well, sort of. While I’ve become very good at pointing out how many titles repeat the same designs over and over, and how this repetition has begun to wear even my battle-hardened gamer senses down, I still keep in mind that some genres will always be what they are… that’s what makes them genres. Sci-fi will probably always have spaceships and robots, Westerns will have cowboys on horseback and fantasy will keep it up with swords, dragons or orcs. It’s just how it is a lot of the time.


Black Ops and Minecraft combine forces to create Block Ops

Alright maybe it isn’t Black Ops specifically that is combined with Minecraft in a new game called Block Ops from Rory Harvey. However it is a play on the whole FPS genre and combining it with Minecraft has created a rather neat FPS game to play on your Android device. While the world waits for Brick Force to release their Android application, we can play a little FPS action in this game which resembles an actual Minecraft mod.


Kemco’s Alphadia II RPG has now invaded the Google Play store

Last week we talked about a new sequel that Kemco was planning to release soon on Android called Alphadia II. Taking place over 200 years after the first game, Alphadia II will have you hunting down evil that is once again threatening the peace and safety of your world. Energi has once again made an appearance in the world after being gone for 200 years and everyone, good and evil, happen to be scrambling for control over it.


Alpha Colony’s Kickstarter misses its goal by a mere $28, Kickstarter won’t bend the rules

Over the weekend a Kickstarter campaign for a game called Alpha Colony ended and unfortunately for the developers they have missed their goal by a mere $28 dollars. This means that they will get absolutely nothing in terms of funding due to Kickstarter’s policy that, in order to actually get all the funds, you have to reach your goal. In this case the goal was $50,000.