Beautiful new tower defense game called Total Defense 3D now available

Fans of Tower Defense games have another title to check out today from i-FREE Innovations called Total Defense 3D. This is a military themed tower defense game where you won’t just be going up against other human armies but also alien ones as well. You’ll be conquering planets, upgrading technologies and holding off enemy advances.

You’ll be leading the rebellion again evil aliens forces of the evil Emperor and you will need to do whatever it takes to be successful. Aside from the standard tower defense features such as upgrading towers and technology, you will also have a certain form of terraforming available as well which is done through actions such as bombing bridges, monuments and other structures to block passages the enemy would use.

Total Defense 3D Features:

★ STUNNING 3D – amazing graphics & free camera view as you’ve never seen before in tower defense games
★ TERRAMORPHING – bomb bridges, destroy monuments, block passages for maximum tactical advantage
★ ENGAGING GAMEPLAY – multiple weaponry and technologies to build and upgrade
★ ACTION & RTS – intensive battles in three terrains for ultimate TD experience
★ 3 DIFFICULTY MODES appealing to both casual and hardcore gamers
★ FUTURISTIC SOUNDTRACK to amplify your sci-fi gaming experience

A lot of the content was inspired by other RTS games such as StarCraft, Total Annihilation, Red Alert, and C&C. This isn’t strictly a tower defense game either as it features certain mechanics from RTS and RPG titles as well. Currently there are 20 missions for your to work your way through and these missions won’t just take a few minutes to blaze through either.

Fans of tower defense games that sport plenty of eye candy have lots to look at in Total Defense 3D as well since everything in rendered in 3D graphics and the camera can pan 360 degrees. If you’re up for a new tower defense game, you can download Total Defense 3D off of Google Play for free.

Google Play Link: Total Defense 3D

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