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Poll: Do you use physical controllers to play games on your Android phone or tablet?

Something that has become fairly common this year is to see a new controller launching or starting its Kickstarter drive every now and again. I’ve used a PS2 controller (yeah I know, freaking dated) to test out a few games in the past. Like recently, Zombie Driver THD was totally unplayable without the controller (they have rectified this though with a new update). So in that case, the controller made a whole lot of difference. In other games, especially competitive multiplayer ones like Shadowgun: DeadZone, having a physical controller puts you at an (unfair) advantage against the rest of the players.

I for one am a fervent believer that touchscreen games are meant to be played on a touchscreen. The problem is, having so many different gamepads or controllers on the market is a double-edged sword. On one hand, they do get developers to include native support for controllers in their games, but on the other, these gamepads may work with only a small selection of games out of the box (see the Moga controller for example).

Anyway, we throw the question out to you. Do you use some form of physical controls to play games on your mobile device? What are your thoughts on game controllers, and do you think Google should create a native mapping tool for developers and unrooted users to use in games? Cast a vote in the poll below and then expand on your thoughts in the comments section.

Poll: Closed – Results:

Yes – 109 votes
No, but I plan to – 73 votes
No, and I don’t plan to – 33 votes

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