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PSA: Avoid downloading anything from a developer named ‘apkdeveloper’

From time to time some ass hat has to go ripping off other peoples work in order to further their idiotic attempt at infecting as many Android devices with malware as they can. It is one of the drawbacks we have to deal with once in awhile with having an open market place and usually things are pretty decent. A newly found developer going by the name of ‘apkdeveloper’ however who is trying to do exactly that.

Pretty much every single game listed under this developer’s catalog on Google Play is a rip off of another developer’s work, ranging from Imangi’s Temple Run to Deemedya’s Seven Star Legend and plenty of other games. If you compare the permissions that apkdeveloper’s games are asking for with the originals, you can see clearly that these rip offs are up to no good. Also for the fact they just copy and pasted the real games’ descriptions is also a good sign that something isn’t right.

If you for some reason have downloaded anything from this developer, you should probably uninstall it immediately and run yourself a scan with something like Lookout Security. If you are ever unsure about something you want to download, there are a few easy steps to take in order to make sure what you’re downloading it legit:

1) Check the reviews

2) Google the developer and the game – Almost all developers will have at least some sort of blog

3) Check various Android sites like ours and other reputable Android sites to see if the developer listed on the Google Play listing is the real one. Sometimes companies do have multiple accounts which is something we like to state here when talking about their games. A prime example is Square Enix who actually has two accounts on Google Play.

Unfortunately ‘apkdeveloper’ has been going since November by the looks of things so let’s get this person off of the Google Play store by reporting them which you can do here.

Website Referenced: Phandoid

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