Day: 6 February 2013


Paradox Interactive to bring Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet to Android tablets

Paradox Interactive has announced that they will be bringing Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet to Android tablets in the near future. This top-down RPG will be undergoing a bit of a change from its PC brethren though in terms of the visuals that will come with this new mobile version. Even though the game’s visuals will be of a cartoon style instead of the 3D nature the PC version has, the core game mechanics will remain the same.


Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.7.0 Update will have multiplayer with servers, new menus and more

So the Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.6.0 update has been out for a short while now (and the quick 0.6.1 bug fix update as well) and it is time to start talking about the next update which will be 0.7.0 unless Mojang decided to make it an 0.6.x version but that seems doubtful. We’ve already talked about a few features that we are pretty sure will be arriving for this next update but now we pretty much have confirmation on some of them.


Final Fantasy III Review: A classic RPG that still remains a classic

With the upcoming (eventual) release of Final Fantasy IV for Android, I decided it’d be a good time to write up a review for Final Fantasy III. Final Fantasy III has been one of my all-time favorites in the series since the original NES release was translated in the emulation community. It set the ground for the class change system from Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and every other game in the series since that gave you the ability to change your character’s class.


[Updated] The Simpsons: Tapped Out now available to most international players

Yesterday we reported on a new game coming from EA called The Simpsons: Tapped Out which has been a rather popular game over on iOS since its release over there. The weird thing yesterday was that even though it was available on Google Play on EA International’s account, almost no one was able to download it. On top of that there isn’t even a North American version right now.