Author: Tyler Kolb

Game Reviews

Final Fantasy III Review: A classic RPG that still remains a classic

With the upcoming (eventual) release of Final Fantasy IV for Android, I decided it’d be a good time to write up a review for Final Fantasy III. Final Fantasy III has been one of my all-time favorites in the series since the original NES release was translated in the emulation community. It set the ground for the class change system from Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and every other game in the series since that gave you the ability to change your character’s class.

Game News

Shadowrun Returns Delayed, More Information Released

Shadowrun Returns was originally scheduled for a January 2013 release, but has been pushed back to May/June 2013 in order to add new features. While this is a bit disappointing to hear, especially for those who have been anticipating this release (the Kickstarter project that spurred this game’s launch met its’ $400,000 goal within 28 hours, to give you an idea of how much people wanted this game.