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Horror themed puzzle adventure game Whispering Willows alpha gameplay video

A new horror-themed adventure puzzle game is currently in development by Night Light Interactive called Whispering Willows. Right now there isn’t a whole lot of details available regarding the game but we do have a gameplay video showing some of the gameplay from an alpha build of the game.

The concept behind Whispering Willows is actually pretty interesting. Players will take control of Elena as well as her astral projection which you will use to interact with ghosts and try to solve puzzle in an attempt to uncover the mysteries in Willow Mansion. The whole game dark and haunting atmosphere to it and a rather unique visual style as well.

Whispering Willows happens to be one of the entries in the recent OUYA CREATE developer contest as well. Regardless if it wins or not, the game is slated for release on both OUYA and Android devices in the near future. Until we know more details though you can always check out the video above to get a feel for the game.

Developer Website: Night Light Interactive

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