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nVidia shows off Real Boxing running on Project Shield in new video

Recently nVidia decided to show off Project Shield a little bit more by loading up Borderlands 2 onto it and giving it a whirl. In the end it looked quite good and played smoothly. This time they want to show off another game running on Project Shield and that is Vivid Games’ newest title Real Boxing.

Real Boxing is no small boxing game either. It comes with a rather lengthy career mode to work your way through when you’re not busy trying to beat the crap out of your friends. Each fighter in career mode has their own fighting style that you will have to learn in order to beat them. Your character can be customized through the use of skill point and putting those into different skills that you can use in the ring.

There also happens to be plenty of mini-games in Real Boxing that are focused on training and strengthening your character. Real Boxing can take advantage of the multi-screen feature that comes with Project Shield as well should your friend want to watch you get your ass beat.

All in all, Real Boxing looks pretty good running on nVidia’s Project Shield. Check out the video above to see the game in action.

Website Referenced: nVidia’s Blog

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