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Double Fine’s Costume Quest will be heading to Nvidia’s Shield

Yesterday Nvidia announced that their Android-powered handheld gaming system, now official called just ‘Shield’, has gone live for pre-orders to those people who have subscribed to the Shield’s newsletter. Everyone else has to wait until May 20th, 2013 to pre-order a unit. Double Fine has come out today to announce that their Costume Quest game will also be heading to Nvidia’s Shield system as well.


Nvidia releases a new video showing off the upcoming Arma Tactics game on Project Shield

It is time for another video from Nvidia regarding their upcoming Android-powered handheld gaming system Project Shield. This time the company is showcasing the official Arma Tactics game that is slated for release soon being played on Project Shield. Interestingly enough, it sounds like Arma Tactics is going to be released soon which means this game could very well be for multiple devices, not just Tegra 4 and Project Shield.