Day: February 26, 2013

Game Reviews

Furfur & Nublo Quick Review: A decent but repetitive puzzler platformer

Furfur & Nublo is a puzzle platformer by Devilish Games where you must guide two characters around a stage and get them to a Magical Interdimensional Gate. Furfur is a bouncy ball looking character and his partner is Nublo. Nublo is circular character that can float and flatten into a platform. As you can probably guess by now this is how the game play works. You job is to use both characters in tandem to get reach these Magical Gateways and get to the next stage.

Game News

[MWC2013] GameTanium mobile gaming on your TV

Exent is an Israel based company founded in 1992. Their goal is to provide “anytime, anywhere” games. GameTanium will be a subscription based service giving Android devices access to new games each week. The service will also feature content, recommendations rating and trailers. The service will be offered to smart TVs and will enable your device to be used as a controller and you will be able to start a game on the device, move to your TV and then resume playing it on your device when you have to leave.

Game News

Nvidia announces five Tegra 4 optimized games that will be arriving soon

Today is the 2nd day of the Mobile World Congress 2013 which is being held in Barcelona and of course Nvidia is there in force. Today they are highlighting five new Tegra 4 optimized games.  A little background, for those of you who haven’t heard much on the new Tegra 4 chipset utilizing the new Cortex A15 CPU core design, it’s the latest that Nvidia has to offer and is supposed to be roughly twice as fast as current generation hardware.