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Gameloft begins teasing the next installment into the Dungeon Hunter series

It looks like Dungeon Hunter 4 is on the horizon as Gameloft has begun teasing the next installment into the dungeon crawling Action-RPG franchise on Twitter. While details are pretty scarce right now as to what this new Dungeon Hunter game will come with, we did get a few tidbits of information.

 From what we did learn, Dungeon Hunter 4 will focus more on the root mechanics and gameplay of the first two games which are the two that most people love the most out of the three current ones available. You can also expect some pretty slick eye candy as usual also. Apparently the game will come with a new storyline, new dungeons, new loot and crafting.

Unfortunately that is about it for details regarding Dungeon Hunter 4, at least for now. However, since Gameloft has begun teasing this new game, we can expect more details to be released in the near future.

Developer Website: Gameloft

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