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Humble Bundle launches their first bundle sale strictly for Android games

Up until now we have had a total of five Humble Bundles for Android (a.k.a Humble Bundle with Android) but the games that came with those bundles also allowed people who purchased them to get a copy of the game for their PC or Mac as well as soundtracks whenever either was available. This new bundle however is strictly Android games and nothing else.

Right now the first official Humble Mobile Bundle features six games that you can get should you pay more than the average price people are paying at the time you purchase the bundle. This works just like any other bundle so you can divide how your payment gets split up, whether it is all for charity or split up between Humble Bundle, the developers and charity. If you pay less than the average amount, you will still get four pretty awesome games.

Humble Mobile Bundle #1 games are as follows:

Contre Jour by Chillingo

Anomaly Korea by 11 bit studios

– Plants vs Zombies by Popcap

Bladeslinger by Kerosene Games

Metal Slug 3 by SNK Playmore (available for those who pay over the average price)

– The Room by Fireproof Games (available for those who pay over the average price)

If this new bundle follows the trend of additional games being added half way through the two weeks bundles are made available for, we should see additional games arriving next week for those of you who purchase the bundle over the current average price. If you’re up for it, hit up the link below to get your Humble Mobile Bundle now. If you’re not familiar with any of these games, click on their names to check them out.

Side note: This is the Android debut for Fireproof Game’ The Room. You will also get soundtracks for all of these games as well.

Official Website: Humble Mobile Bundle

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